Glaucoma is a condition that makes harm your eye's optic nerve and deteriorates after some time. It's frequently connected to a development of weight inside your eye. Glaucoma will in general be acquired and may not appear until some other time throughout everyday life.  The expanded weight, called intraocular weight, can harm the optic nerve, which transmits pictures to your cerebrum. On the off chance that the harm proceeds, glaucoma can prompt perpetual vision misfortune. Without treatment, glaucoma can cause all out lasting visual impairment inside a couple of years.  A great many people with glaucoma have no early side effects or agony. You have to see your eye specialist consistently so she can analyse and treat glaucoma a little while later term visual misfortune occurs. In case you're over age 40 and have a family ancestry of the infection, you ought to get a total eye test from an eye specialist each 1 to 2 years. In the event that you have medical issues like diabetes or a family ancestry of glaucoma or are in danger for other eye sicknesses, you may need to go all the more frequently.
Primary And Secondary Glaucoma
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Medical Therapy Of Glaucoma